XOXO, Your Alien Angel

I wrote a tribute to a friend of mine. I'm not sure when she first appeared in my life... probably back at the age when my hands were sticky from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I smelled like crayons and sunlight. She was beautiful and radiant. She didn't belong in this galaxy. Well, now, [...]

Upon Being Seen & Heard

My words are becoming lacy with cobweb kisses. I’ve forgotten the meaning of time. Hours run into minutes, but days can creep on like centuries. I would call, but my voice is a dried bouquet of flowers others call weeds. Is this romance or me losing myself inside of your empty spaces? I want to [...]

September 4: Pretty Poisons

Today's prompt is "Pretty Poisons". I took this prompt in a different direction than I had originally intended, but nonetheless, I am pleased with the final result. I hope you like it too. When one thinks of poison, one usually thinks of accidentally ingesting a dangerous substance and the aftermath. Because of certain aspects of [...]