September 25: Cuffed

When thinking about this prompt, I thought of several routes I could take it in. I could mention physical restraints, whether it's silk rope, metal cuffs, cutesy fuzzy handcuffs used playfully, a hand wrapped around my wrists securing them together. That's not the direction I wanted to go in. Cuffed I'm an understudy to a [...]

September 17: September Moon

September Moon A white orb in an infinite heaven. A moment to collect herself and think about nothing (everything). The sky and its stars are the few who haven’t neglected her. The moon glows as bright as a promise. Her voice is swallowed by the bigness of the universe, and for once, she falls silent. [...]

The Girl that Was

Instead of writing a One-Word Sunday today, I want to post a story I wrote using two different prompts. I wrote this originally in 2018. Please let me know what you think. Based on the prompts: The modified quote used for the last dramatic speech by the narrator was originally as follows: “Do not trust people [...]

One-Word Sunday: Bell

“Simple. You’ll see one word at the top of the following screen. Don’t think. Just write.” This will be my delving into short stories based on a one-word prompt. I will not include the full story here, but if I like it, I will include it in one of my short story collections. Bell The pealing of [...]