Poem a Day: Midnight & Morning Glories

Several lifetimes ago, I took a creative writing class. We were taught different forms of poetry and also produced a short story, in addition to many other works. One type of poetry I was particularly fond of is known as reduction poems. If you are familiar with blackout poems, they are a form of reduction [...]

September 29: Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Effect The way I veer into you, no matter which direction we are facing, makes me wonder: do humans follow the rules of the Coriolis effect too? I don't need a compass to guide. All I know is I've never felt home like I have with you. (Do humans follow the rules of the [...]

September 26-28: Autumn Aster, Indigenous, & Sea of Night

Autumn Aster These autumnal flowers populate my line of vision (their petals fan before me). I want to call them beautiful, but I know I've seen them in a dream. (Sometimes, I'm not even sure I want to wake up.) The beauty they hold is fleeting because, in a dream, everything dissolves. I want to [...]

September 25: Cuffed

When thinking about this prompt, I thought of several routes I could take it in. I could mention physical restraints, whether it's silk rope, metal cuffs, cutesy fuzzy handcuffs used playfully, a hand wrapped around my wrists securing them together. That's not the direction I wanted to go in. Cuffed I'm an understudy to a [...]