Poem a Day: Midnight & Morning Glories

Several lifetimes ago, I took a creative writing class. We were taught different forms of poetry and also produced a short story, in addition to many other works. One type of poetry I was particularly fond of is known as reduction poems. If you are familiar with blackout poems, they are a form of reduction [...]

September 29: Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Effect The way I veer into you, no matter which direction we are facing, makes me wonder: do humans follow the rules of the Coriolis effect too? I don't need a compass to guide. All I know is I've never felt home like I have with you. (Do humans follow the rules of the [...]

September 17: September Moon

September Moon A white orb in an infinite heaven. A moment to collect herself and think about nothing (everything). The sky and its stars are the few who haven’t neglected her. The moon glows as bright as a promise. Her voice is swallowed by the bigness of the universe, and for once, she falls silent. [...]

September 16: Walking & Wondering

Walking is my time. When I walk, my brain slows down for once. I often feel like I have thousands of thoughts running through my mind, and when I am out walking (or hiking), my brain quiets down. I am able to process the thoughts and filter through them. Sometimes, if I'm very lucky, my brain [...]