Empty Inkwells

Pressure creates diamonds, or so we're told. I'm trying to ignore these caverns building in my chest. I thought I'd always find you, but now, my maps are written in invisible ink and the forest is growing dark. I hate to be this little girl begging for a hand to hold, but I just wish [...]

September 26-28: Autumn Aster, Indigenous, & Sea of Night

Autumn Aster These autumnal flowers populate my line of vision (their petals fan before me). I want to call them beautiful, but I know I've seen them in a dream. (Sometimes, I'm not even sure I want to wake up.) The beauty they hold is fleeting because, in a dream, everything dissolves. I want to [...]

September 25: Cuffed

When thinking about this prompt, I thought of several routes I could take it in. I could mention physical restraints, whether it's silk rope, metal cuffs, cutesy fuzzy handcuffs used playfully, a hand wrapped around my wrists securing them together. That's not the direction I wanted to go in. Cuffed I'm an understudy to a [...]

September 4: Pretty Poisons

Today's prompt is "Pretty Poisons". I took this prompt in a different direction than I had originally intended, but nonetheless, I am pleased with the final result. I hope you like it too. When one thinks of poison, one usually thinks of accidentally ingesting a dangerous substance and the aftermath. Because of certain aspects of [...]