I remember one night, I dreamt I was soaring above some canyons and mesas in the American Southwest. My arms were spread as wings, and there were people crying below me. Though I was above them in the air, I could hear their cries. I threw down happiness and peace bombs. I remember feeling so [...]


I have a new author I like. He writes with the same frantic and hurried energy of Jack Kerouac, yet somehow he writes poetry in his prose, lines that sing. I love reading his words. I get lost in the language like I'm learning English all over again. So, I wrote a stream of consciousness [...]

New Short Story: Only 99 Cents!

A Day for the Living Though they may look alike, twin sisters Maria and Isabel could not be any more different than one another. Maria is still mourning her mother's death and trying to make sense of inhabiting a world without her whereas Isabel would steamroll over her sister and her mother's memory if at [...]

Interview w. Cory Mason

Over my winter break, I had the extreme pleasure of reading Cory Mason's novel The Boy Who Kissed Lightning, a delightful fantasy novel that featured awkward teenage boys, strong women characters, and a winning plot featuring a main character who literally fell out of a thunderstorm. I sped through this book, eager to get to the [...]