September 2: Turquoise Tides

I found a hashtag on Twitter with poem prompts for the month of September. I’m hoping that I can do some of these poem prompts justice because some of them leave me scratching my head. Nonetheless, expect to hear more from me soon because I am excited for this challenge.

Today’s prompt was “Turquoise Tides”.

Turquoise Tides

Turquoise Tides

Settle down next to me, let me tell you a story
as the turquoise tides lull us into a gentle sleep.

I carried stones in my stitches,
little things, pebbles really.
(You probably wouldn’t notice them unless
you knew they were hiding in the lining of my pockets.)

The water rises and falls over us
(as reliable as breath).

These turquoise tides could seduce me
with their sweet siren calls.

Singers are always so traumatic
(when I say traumatic, darling,
I mean romantic).

He swam the thunderstorm gray waters,
his feet nudging debris as he sang
his final goodbyes.

This turquoise tide may take me under
but don’t resuscitate me.

Just tell everyone the song on my lips
was the familiar refrain of,
“I tried the best I could. I hope I was good enough.”

And the lyrics that said it all, “I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.”

-Lucie Guerre



“When I think more than I want to think/I do things I never should do/I drink much more than I ought to drink/Because it brings me back to you” 

(Jeff Buckley, “Lilac Wine”. Songwriter: James H. Shelton.)

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