September 1: Sheds & Caves

Already a day late and a dollar short, but who can say I’m surprised? I found a hashtag on Twitter with poem prompts for the month of September, and though I am posting September 1st’s a day late, I was hoping to try them. Some of them are going to be real stretches to my imagination, but I was reading an article last night about the importance of exercising your brain as though it were a muscle. So, while some of these poems might not be my favorite, they sure as Hell will be interesting. I hope you enjoy. The prompt for yesterday was “sheds and caves”.


Sheds & Caves

As though entering a darkened shed
without the flickering flame of a candle
or the beam of a flashlight,
you stumbled over my stalagmites.

(I would allow you entry to my cave.
I would even let you into the parts
cordoned off lifetimes ago.)

Those spaces were dangerous
(even to me,
especially to me).

My greatest fear is being found.
My greatest joy is being discovered.

-Lucie Guerre

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